Installation Conditions CK Teknik Ver. 01-2022

To be carried out/provided for by the customer in due time at no cost for CK Teknik:
a) Delivery of finished buildings (covered, closed and cleaned with assembly area completely available). Equipment or materiel that can disturb the installation is to be taken away.
b) Electrical main and distribution boards to be installed before installation start.
c) Cables for power supply between the electrical main- and distribution boards in the customer plant and the connecting points on CK Teknik equipment, to be provided for by the customer.
d) The customer shall provide an adequate source and volume of high pressure, dry compressed air, including air piping to all connecting points on CK Teknik equipment shown on CK Teknik’s installation drawing(s).
e) Cable trays to be mounted in the building.
f) The customer to have electricians and fitters with necessary tools and equipment available for the installation of electrical power cables, control cables, compressed air and air pipes, parallel to CK Teknik’s mounting.
g) Personnel and equipment (fork-lift truck, cranes etc.) must be available for unloading, for transport of the equipment to the place of erection and for unpacking the goods.
h) Forklift(s) and mobile platforms to be at CK Teknik’s disposal during the installation and commissioning period.
i) The customer must have electrical and mechanical helpers / engineers available for CK Teknik during the complete installation – even during necessary work on overtime or weekends. If not otherwise specified, the installation to be carried out during normal working hours i.e. between 08.00 – 18.00. Changes in working time will cause a corresponding compensation to CK Teknik. This assumes, though, that if CK Teknik finds it suitable, it shall be possible to work in the evenings and weekends.
j) The customer must be able to deliver necessary quantity of products/material when testing the equipment during installation. Likewise, the customer must make qualified personnel available during the test runs. CK Teknik will specify the amount of personnel and products/material needed.
k) Supplementary insurance or costs related to inspections appointed by the customer. This also apply to additional inspections or approvals, required by local state or regulations at the installation site.
l) In general, all services or supplies not specifically mentioned in CK Teknik’s scope of supply.