We specialize in the designing and manufacturing of machines essential to the EPS/EPP industry. Below, you can find the products and solutions we have available, but we also have a dedicated drawing office who can assist with designing the exact product that you are looking for. Please get in touch for more information.


At CK Teknik, you can find a vast array of handling machines that can optimize and streamline your production. All of our machines are in line with the CE Standard, so you can expect high-quality solutions that are built to last.

FS20 - Stacker for boxes

FS21- Stacker for boxes

FS22- Stacker for boxes

SU05 – Removal device for fish crates

SU07 – Removal device for fish crate lids

AI38 – Absorbent pads feeder

BU15 – Removal device for blocks

SD18 – De-stacker for boxes

FV11 – Boxturner

EPS/EPP Recycling

Make the recycling of your waste material quick and easy with one of our many EPS/EPP recycling machines. We have a large selection, with the capacity of the machines ranging from 2–5 m3/h all the way up to 30 m3/h.

GS10 – Two-step granulator

GS84 – Granulator

GS85 - EPS granulator

EPP Pre-breakers

SE24 – Dust Separator

BD60 – Mixer

SM51/52 – Impact mill

Storing and conveying

Customize your silos and distributions units to get the solutions you and your business require. All of our silos are made from galvanized steel and are fully demountable should that become necessary. Our silo system also includes a control system with touch screen to ease monitoring.

SI78 – Single silos

SI75 – Silo systems with controls

SK43 – Distribution boxes

SK45 – Distribution units

RT32 – Raw material tilting station

Special equipment

Optimize your production and conveyor system with specialist equipment from CK Teknik. All of our machines are customizable to fit your requirements and are easily integrated into your existing system. They also all adhere to the CE Standard.

BN14 – Weighing systems

Vision-weight system

Special solutions